2017 Christmas Bucket List

A month or two ago, a friend turned me on to Kelle Hampton's instagram and blog and I have fallen for her- seriously. She is an amazing mama, writer and general life cheerleader who enjoys her Target and Christmas decorations. One of the holiday things that she posted about is a Holiday Bucket List and... Continue Reading →

Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Cards

So, I'm officially a holiday nerd and have some of my Christmas cards already ready to go (sans a stamp). Yeah, I've already written out a box full of cards that I picked up last year at the end of the season- and they're super cute! I don't tend to mail them to folks I... Continue Reading →

Busy Saturday Wrap Up

It's been quite a  Saturday full of events, many of them holiday, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. We've been getting things ramped up for the holidays and work on (and prepping for) trimming the tree and decking the halls while also fittin in a little bit of vegging out (but just a little). I've... Continue Reading →

The Day Before Halloween

It's the day before Halloween and I'm wondering how long I'll make it into November before I put up the Christmas tree. I'm a fan of the Christmas season and the holiday cheer and realize how fast it flies by. I'm sure there will be a recap of Halloween events, but we'll just see how... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy your day with family, friends or just hanging out on your own, if that's your bag. There's a pretty sweet Mystery Science Theatre 3k marathon on all afternoon, a cool dog show and so much more going on. Have a great day! Image: Sanrio xoxo Jenny

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