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Rocking it: The Tiki Dress


When the weather gets warm, I get to rocking dresses. And they’re all I want to wear all summer.  There’s nothing better than just throwing on a dress and heading out the door- and I’m thrilled to have found my new fave.

Rocking the dress at Parliament House- notice the Gaga on the wall! #love

I call this green dress the tiki dress and it was a super random Forever 21 find (can’t even find it on their website) for only $8 (regular price, not on sale!!!) and I picked it up before heading on my Orlando trip.

I’ve thrown it on a few times since returning with a sweater or some sort of cover up since it’s not 80 degrees in Chattanooga- yet.





Big thanks to Staci for taking photos and finding good trees to stand by… like ones with crazy holes in them!

Don’t worry, there wasn’t anything in there…

Do you guys have any go to outfits that you can just throw on and go?



Saturn’s Return…what?


saturn_malmercassini_5mRecently, things have started shifting in life. Things are becoming clearer and I’m figuring out where I need to be, both mentally and spatially. I eventually had a moment where I had to stop and just say “what is happening?”.

In order to chill, I was working through season 7 of “Parks and Recreation” on Netflix.  At this juncture, the series does a time skip and cuts ahead a few years.  With this jump, it turns out April is 29 and questioning what she really wants to do in her life- she wants to follow her dream but is struggling to figure out what it is. She is discussing this with Donna, who says that she’s at the point that Saturn is returning and that’s why she is seeking change.

I paused the show and quickly did a google search; Donna was right…according to Wikipedia

Western astrologers believe that, as Saturn “returns” to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of birth, a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood.

Welp, that explains it.  I also researched further (ok, continued googling some more) and it further broke down the return to Saturn into each astrological sign.  Even though I don’t normally read a whole bunch into this, it pointed out that as a Cancer, this time would be about self confidence and- well, hello.

I have spent so much time lately asking people’s opinions on things and looking for approval from others. I have also been stepping out of my comfort zone more so than normal and working on not asking for others’ thoughts as well- it’s a give and take that’s going on day to day right now. I’m okay with that. Having said that, if I tend to ask your thoughts a lot on things, just know that you are a trusted person and I’m working on chilling it out a bit. When I’m a little more situated in what I’m doing and where exactly I’m going, it will slow down, I promise.

There’s just something about being on the edge of something, on the precipice of what is ahead.  I am so excited about what the next year or so is going to bring- a new home, new friends, what feels like a whole new life.  I’m working on following my dream, just like April was seeking to do on Parks and Rec. It’s time… time jump off the deep end because I know I’ll be able to swim.

The Election 2016


Peace, Love & the Mouse: It’ll be ok in the end
I’ve thought about this for a few days now and have considered what to say about this year’s presidential election.  I  am continually trying to keep myself in check, but let me share my experience…

First off, I didn’t vote. I know that means I “don’t get to complain about anything” and that’s fine. I live in Tennessee, I would’ve voted for Hillary, I knew it didn’t matter. This state always goes red, I know that. Hence why I didn’t wig too much when I let the deadline pass for getting my voter registration updated. So we’ll start with that.

Loss and I watched the returns on Tuesday night and I didn’t really know what to think, except that it was going too late, so to sleep we went. I woke up around 2:30 that morning and checked my phone and found out the result.  I was surprised then, as I thought more, I cried. I cried because things are so unknown. Loss held me and assured me we are going to be ok. I finally went back to sleep for about an hour around 5 am then went in to work.


Part of this was dessert Tuesday/ Breakfast Wednesday
I received a few comments/messages from some sweet ladies from my church family reassuring me to not worry or fear. One of them said it best- “Please don’t assume the 13.5 Million people who voted for Trump are close minded, hate-filled, racist people“. I’m a usually very optimistic person, so I’m holding onto this thought. A lot. I was also reminded that God is who is in control of things and that is hard to keep in mind when things are feeling and looking chaotic all around.

My main concern is that all these folks that I know, love and respect who have different faiths or sexual orientations are going to be treated equal and that the country doesn’t take steps backward, but continues to grow in a positive manner. I’m not sure what the future is going to hold and if this is true, but I sincerely hope that is the case.

It’s been hard to see so many people upset, angry and sad about the current situation on my social media- I know many of my friends were (and still am) heartbroken, as I was. I’m admittedly going with my patented way of coping: ignoring.  It’s not the most ideal way to do things, but I don’t feel like I can go through each day upset and bitter over something that I cannot change. I’m sure I’ll have more feelings and reactions to things as time passes and we get closer to inauguration day, but I’m trying so hard to stick with the fact that I’m not in charge and other folks of this world aren’t, ultimately, in charge as it is.  I know some folks might roll their eyes at this take on things, but if I can’t live a life of calm and some happiness, I don’t see the point in doing it.


He hates it, but this photo of Loss is the definition of calm to me.
So that’s my take on this election. My take isn’t fully finished evolving, I’m sure, but that’s where I am. And I felt I needed to share it with you guys. I feel a little better getting it out and just want to say that I love all you guys so much- let’s be good to ourselves and each other.



Paring Down: Bye, Chair!

“Uhm, this will fit the car, right…?”

As noted in the last time I wrote, it’s time to downsize- and I started off with a bang. The hand me down chair I inherited four years ago or finally left the premises.

Now the chair was still in pretty good condition, but let’s face it, after a few years, I have a tendency to hit a stage of “I’m tired of looking at that”. So, when I started thinking about downsizing things, the chair was not very far down my list- and the first to go.

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Another Note on Adulting

Back when life was simpler for me…

Oy vey. Like I said the other day when I posted, there is so much going on in life right now that it’s kind of crazy.  We’ve been figuring out money stuff, work stuff & overall making life work stuff. It’s been a lot.

I know that what I’m about to say is in response to being stressed: I need a change.

There’s so much going on at the apartment still in regards to needing to get organized & things that we need to store & also take to the Goodwill. Not going to lie- it’s kind of stressful coming home & seeing the chaos. It’s been hard to get motivated on it- so I’m thinking it’d be easier to just pack up & declutter. Granted I could just go ahead & start the decluttering process, but it’s hard to get going, especially only feeling like I’ve got time on the weekends to get stuff really done.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but it is what it is- It’ll also help for spring to come along before too long. Most winters I have a rough time and get into a funk for a stretch or two. I’ve got a great life going on & really love where I am in life right now, except maybe let’s skip a little of the funk.

So here we go…let’s try to do it & get things going…. and patiently wait for another paycheck or two to get things even before too long.

You guys ever have these kind of moments?




Babies Everywhere (But Not Here)

This is the perfect excuse to post this photo of me in 1988. 

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve got a new job working with babies around 1 year old & I’m quite enjoying it. I found on my first day that a good amount of the ladies working with me are pregnant and even yesterday another one announced she is having kiddo number two.

The sweet ladies keep talking about how they got ‘the fever’ working with infants, but I can’t help but see how I’d like to keep the kiddos at work and not bring them home with me.

Now let me say, I do indeed enjoy children and I’ve always wound up working with them. I love family and friends with kiddos and spending time with them. Having spent so much time with these kids, I know I’m not ready to bring them home with me. Losson & I have been married 7 months today (happy 7 months, babe!) & we are happy with still being selfish with our time. We have much traveling we want to do and our shoebox of an apartment would be way too tight for any other beings to live here- no matter the size.

Kids are also quite pricey in the long run, let alone the hospital bills, and the worst part- they grow up so fast. Just watching my sweet nephew grow up over the past year- it has flown by. It seems like you get the kid to the point that you like the most & then they  just keep growing…still.

I’m not saying we will never have a kid, but who knows. It’ll definitely be quite a while if that’s the case, but we’ll see.

I sure like going to Disney World & have pipe dreams to head to Japan in a few years, so kids or not, they’ll be waaay down the road at the earliest.

Grateful for the Fire Guys


I guess there’s always a first time for everything and this weekend was indeed one of them.

Right around 5AM Sunday morning, Losson and I were woken up by hearing folks yelling to get out of the building and soon after began smelling smoke.

We made it outside to find the building beside ours on fire (a driveway between the two buildings thankfully). The fire was contained to the one building and I’m not exactly sure how much damage was done but it could have been so much worse.

The Chattanooga Fire Department spent a good two hours on the scene, having 5 trucks on the scene and doing all they needed to do to keep everyone safe.

Losson & I were discussing later on  how we’d never been involved in a fire situation & our definite appreciation for all that the firefighters do. The morning could have been a whole lot scarier & I am so thankful for all of those guys out there, making sure everyone was out & safe.

Thank you so much!