Friday Four #8

  Interrupted SleepĀ  This week has been rough when it comes to sleep. I've been plenty tired, but there's something about falling asleep and then hearing a siren or four on the road across from our apartment, making me wake up. Ever since the fire happened a building over last year (like 2016), sirens wake... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Rest.

There's nothing wrong with taking a rest. Lay down and nap. Sleep in on Saturday some. It's ok. As long as your responsibilities are taken care of (or atleast covered for you), don't feel guilty. It's true, if you're tired and running on no or negative energy, make some. Go ahead, close your eyes, play... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Wake Up Early

Not everyday is this setting, but it's still worth getting up early So if Day 8 was Go to Bed Early obviously, Day 9 is Wake Up Earlier! But why? I'll share my personal findings with you. I've worked jobs that start around 7 or 8 in the morning and I'm in a job that... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Go To Bed Early

I won't list off the studies that show more sleep is good for you, I'm sure you know that fact to be true. I'm also sure that you know some of the tips you can use to help fall asleep better: no screens for a while before bed, drink hot tea or warm milk, take... Continue Reading →

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