Small Biz Saturday: Holiday Crazy

Recently, it's felt like the balance of life is more teetering and tottering than the amazing burger I'm about to devour in this photo (from Screen Door Cafe, by the way. Amazing food!). Obviously with the main job, the social media work, keeping this blog going and all the other aspects of life, things can... Continue Reading →


Small Biz Saturday: DIY Business Card

Getting ready for GMX, I knew I was going to try and get shots of awesome cosplays and wanted to be able to share where I was going to use them, so it became clear I needed some business cards. Well, as per usual, I didn't think too much about it until the last minute,... Continue Reading →

Small Biz Saturday: The Notebook

In the effort to get organized and get this thing called JLB Nerdy Social Media Services (name still being worked on), I decided to start a notebook for the job. I found an extra notebook at my parents' house and got to work. I printed off some calendar pages for the rest of this year... Continue Reading →


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