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Things I Love: TCM Big Screen

Sometimes I model in front of the theater. It’s an excuse to dress up. 

I’ve made note before of how much I love Turner Classic Movies and the #TCMParty fun on Twitter but this year, my love for classic film has gone to a new level. Attending the TCM Big Screen Classics events throughout this year has been an extension of my TCM love and super awesome!


We attended some of the Big Screen Classics last year but lucked out and a friend passed along a link to purchase a year long pass for 2017’s film series. So, for $50 each, Loss and I have access to view 14 films this year on the big screen! Buying a pair of these passes was one of the best ideas I had in December of 2016.

Each film is opened with a short intro from a TCM host and is also punctuated with that same host sharing a few more tidbits about the film.  It’s pretty much what you’d see while watching prime time TCM films, but there’s something extra cool about seeing Ben Mankiewicz on the big screen (I’m super stoked to see my girl Tiffany Vazquez show up before the film next month!).

So far this year, we have seen Singin’ in the Rain (aka my favorite movie ever ever ever), An Affair to Remember, All About Eve, North By Northwest, The Graduate, and Smokey and the Bandit. Next week brings Some Like It Hot and thinking of Jack Lemmon’s face on the big screen just makes me excited (drag or not..he’s a classic film crush of mine, I mean, have you seen him in The Apartment? Perfection!).

You just can’t go wrong with Jack Lemmon (L) or Billy Wilder! 

I know some bigger cities have cinemas where they show these films on the big screen on a regular basis, but here in Chattanooga, we rarely have older films showing on the big screen. Thanks to TCM, this is possible without a two hour drive and I super appreciate it.

And did I mention the perk of having a built in date night every month that’s already payed for? Yes please!  Thanks for helping me nerd out and get some special time with the hubs as well!

One more model shot since my pics of Loss & I together at the movies are all on my old phone

#TCMPARTY: Let’s Movie!


Social media is a great thing. Especially when it comes to fun things I’m passionate about, it’s just the best. Much of the time, you’ll find me talking about Disney, travel & classic movies.

This love for classic movies has really started to grow with the discussions I’ve been able to have with all the many folks who use the hashtag #TCMParty. Thanks to the guys & gals  who lead the @TCMParty twitter account, we all stay up to date on the films that are airing soon, learning some history & also getting to know other classic film fans in a fun way.


Getting to discuss the films of Turner Classic Movies is one of my favorite things to do at night these days. Making silly comments throughout the films & reading others’ cracks me up & I’ve even learned a thing or two from folks on the #TCMParty.

This Christmas, there was an evening of James Stewart films that were lesser known and I was convinced by one of the regulars on the discussion to give “The Mortal Storm” a viewing, even though it wasn’t my normal type of movie (it takes place at the beginning of Hitler’s reign over Germany). I was told that it was a good historical film that needed to be seen atleast once. I agreed & took on the heavy film & cried & cried as the story followed their family being split up due to their political beliefs. It’s true that the movie was one I wouldn’t normally have watched, but I was very glad to have seen it. It not only furthered my appreciation of what James Stewart did as an actor but also gave me a more personal and realistic knowledge of that moment in time. I think that’s what good film does & it is also what a great film community can do as well.

If you’re interested in classic films & learning some about the past of the world (pretty much), do a search for the hashtag, #TCMParty and check out what’s going on during the prime time hours on TCM . I look forward to seeing you around the twittersphere!