Where To Find Me: JLBNerdy Facebook

Thursdays are the longest day of the week, so it's the night of a quick post- Where to Find Me on JLB Nerdy's Facebook page! If you want to follow along with my daily posts, check out that page to keep up on it. Whenever I put up a new post, I make a point... Continue Reading →

Where to Find Me: Pinterest

I┬ámentioned it a while back, but since it's been a while, I figure I'd share my Pinterest again. I've been using the site more lately and really pinning a lot drag queen content, recipes for all kinds of meals, sharing my blog posts, make up info, and so much more. There are multiple boards for... Continue Reading →

Where to Find Me: OTR

When I planned my visit to Orlando, the first thing I knew I wanted to do was be a guest on the Orlando Tourism Report. Turns out if you're crashing on the couch of the host, it helps you get on the air, so that Friday I got the opportunity to add my two cents... Continue Reading →

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