Coffee Time Ahead

This photo from last week says it all: it's coffee time. I've been doing an average of 2-3 sessions per day for work and tomorrow I've got 5 (FIVE!) on the books, plus following up with Drag Race tomorrow night. So it's looking like Thursday is going to be full of coffee. And you know... Continue Reading →


Working from the couch

So it was a nice Monday- it's so much better with a flexible schedule!- and wound up getting a lot of work done on the couch, too. We went and picked up a few organization pieces for the office and organizing this sea of folders. I think it'll be tomorrow that I'll put them all... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

Today was the first and last day for this girl. I started my day off training for the new gig and grabbed some lunch and headed into the current job for my last shift. It's been fantastic but a little bit of a long day (did I mention I turned on about 10 alarms to... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #9

Halloween Time The day is getting closer and it's fun stuff. This week, we took the time to carve a Mike Wazowski pumpkin and watch my favorite Halloween tradition, The Headless Horseman. I love such old school Disney films and shorts.  I think on of my favorite parts of the short is the fact the... Continue Reading →

New Best Place: The Library

  As you've seen in what I've documented so far on the blog, I'm into saving money when I can and am also looking to get my freelance work done lately. These ideas have finally intersected in my new favorite place: the library! I spent much time at the library growing up and look back... Continue Reading →

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