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Where to Find Me: Diskingdom.com

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As if being on a Disney podcast wasn’t enough, I’ve found another place to spread my Disnerdery across the internet!

Recently, I started writing a weekly column for Diskingdom entitled Vacation Kingdom Know-How.  Each week I’m looking at a way to save time or money (or both) and hopefully make your Walt Disney world vacation a little bit better.

So far, there’s been an introduction post and this week’s post on planning apps and I’ve got some ideas for the next few that are exciting. The posts go up on Sunday, so keep an eye out or follow along on Twitter and Facebook for updates when there’s new content.

Also, if you’ve got any ideas for a column or hints for saving time and money at Disney, feel free to pass along your ideas- I promise I’ll give credit where credit is due! More than one brain is better than just mine!

I’ll close out with quick props- thanks to Jessica for coming up for the name and to Roger for running Diskingdom and letting me write! One day maybe I’ll be as impressive as Derek Burgan and his Saturday 6…Nah..not possible.


Which Direction to Go: Writing Edition

ponder selfie
Drinking coffee, Pondering…

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. That’s just  a fact. I was lucky enough to connect with one of my high school english teachers via facebook last week and when briefly catching up, she told me she hoped I was writing still. That vote of confidence from someone who hadn’t seen me or read a word that I have written in ten years meant oh so much. Thank you, Mrs. Sparks. I will never ever forget the day you told me that I write casually & need to be a little less so when writing papers…look at what I’m writing now!

So that brings me to my main thought- I’ve been perusing my blogging board on pinterest & have been contemplating changes I can make to this thing. Not only in minor details, but also in a larger scale via the content I post. I also had a very well read post that was related to the Disney community lately & it has got me considering the amount of posts about Disney that I’ll be posting. There’s so much random knowledge & opinions & thoughts in my head about the Disney parks, films, characters, history, etc. that I want to share with you all. Obviously with the pending move down south, we’ll be quite close to Walt Disney World (admittedly some of the reason I’m wanting to move- my absolute dream job is there- but more on that later), but I want to make sure that this blog doesn’t turn into just a place to see the latest regurgitated Disney news.

So this post is just mainly to let you, dear reader, know that the wheels are constantly turning & ideas are churning & ever evolving. I’ve got some ideas for other projects to be included in the world that is this blog as well & am excited to hopefully get my laptop back up to 100% (my fan is shot) again & up the game with what there is to share.

Have any suggestions or thoughts on what I should post about? I’ll take any feedback- thanks for being a reader, too!