Lunch Prep for the Week

Veggies and quinoa, all ready to go!

Getting rolling for my first full week of working on the new week and getting the new year started has lead to Loss and I wrapping our head around meal prepping.

With my new schedule, I’ll be needing lunch everyday so it was time to figure out some meals besides just our dinner plans. Starting out, my focus is on creating a ‘salad bar’ in the fridge to make grabbing a snack or meal much easier.  All I did was prep up some veggies (throw in baby carrots, peel and slice cucumbers, cut up some bell peppers) and made quinoa that’s stored in a mason jar.


I also boiled some eggs and have them hanging out in the most adorable little egg holder so it’ll be ready to roll for breakfast or a salad, too. I’m living with the thought that if we have it ready, we’ll eat it- I’ll let you guys know how that goes.

The meals we have to choose from to make for the week

On top of the prepping, we made a list and did some solid grocery shopping  (95% or so from the list only!) and have our dinner ideas mapped out for the week. I don’t really have a day for each meal but we can roll with it as we want for the week. It’s pretty awesome knowing, at the end of the day, we have the groceries needed for all of these meals- and most of them are pretty fast, too.

How do you prep for the week? I’ll take any other hints to make daily life easier! 


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