Babies Everywhere (But Not Here)

This is the perfect excuse to post this photo of me in 1988. 

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve got a new job working with babies around 1 year old & I’m quite enjoying it. I found on my first day that a good amount of the ladies working with me are pregnant and even yesterday another one announced she is having kiddo number two.

The sweet ladies keep talking about how they got ‘the fever’ working with infants, but I can’t help but see how I’d like to keep the kiddos at work and not bring them home with me.

Now let me say, I do indeed enjoy children and I’ve always wound up working with them. I love family and friends with kiddos and spending time with them. Having spent so much time with these kids, I know I’m not ready to bring them home with me. Losson & I have been married 7 months today (happy 7 months, babe!) & we are happy with still being selfish with our time. We have much traveling we want to do and our shoebox of an apartment would be way too tight for any other beings to live here- no matter the size.

Kids are also quite pricey in the long run, let alone the hospital bills, and the worst part- they grow up so fast. Just watching my sweet nephew grow up over the past year- it has flown by. It seems like you get the kid to the point that you like the most & then they  just keep growing…still.

I’m not saying we will never have a kid, but who knows. It’ll definitely be quite a while if that’s the case, but we’ll see.

I sure like going to Disney World & have pipe dreams to head to Japan in a few years, so kids or not, they’ll be waaay down the road at the earliest.


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  1. Take your time! You’ll both know when you’re ready. We had been married 9.5 years when our first was born. There are times when I wish I would be younger when they go off to college or get married, but those are fleeting. We have friends our age with kids graduating high school and friends our age who are potty training their little ones. I’m glad you’re enjoying this precious time together.


    1. Thanks, Sara! It’s nice to hear that from someone who’s been in that situation. I have a feeling friends around us are about to really turn on the ‘it’s baby time’ sign for them & it makes me want to do the opposite even more, lol. We’ve got traveling to do!


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