Flick Fest: Kevin Smith’s Filmography

Kevin Smith is the Man.

When I married Losson, I knew I was getting into a life with a movie nut. One of his fave directors/creators around just happened to be Kevin Smith, some guy who made dumb fart movies, or atleast so I thought up until a few years ago.

I hadn’t seen but one of Kevin’s films until Losson started telling me the greatness of the films & I decided to give them a shot. They talked about conventions & comic books & really nerdy stuff I didn’t know about. I liked the films pretty well that I saw…”Clerks” made me giggle, “Chasing Amy” made me cry, I was okay with Kevin & his crew’s work.

Me as Mid change Wonder Woman, Nashville’s Silent Bob & Loss as Rick from “Rick & Morty” at GMX convention, Halloween 2015

When we finally went to my first convention last Halloween, Loss & I attended a late night panel run by a fantastic cosplayer who has a passion for Kevin & his work. This fantastic gentleman and his friend led what felt like a therapy session. They covered the general meaning & themes behind the Kevin Smith films & it was just great. Looking at the plot of the films (plus having watched a few this past weekend), there’s the broad themes of letting the past be the past in relationships, living your passions & appreciate what you have- let the girl bring you lasagna (as is the bottom line in “Clerks”).

So, in the end, Kevin Smith might make films with some dirty jokes that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in the end, he’s got heart. He shares that heart, he makes you laugh, he can make you cry (as I’ve done 3x watching “Jersey Girl” currently- and it’s so good!)  & he’s a super creative guy with a great team. I can’t wait til he comes back to the southeast again & Losson & I can hopefully meet the guy in person.

And thanks, Kevin, for helping my hubs & I spend time together & be able to have jokes & references to make together. You might make me cry when we we meet one day but I know it’ll be ok (I hear you cry every now & then on your podcasts).





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