GMX 2016: Amazing Cosplays!

One of the best parts of GMX is seeing the amazing cosplays that folks have spent so much time working on, so I wanted to share some of the awesomeness with you guys as well…


Green Arrow…don’t call him Hawkeye. Trust me. I realized my error after a moment and profusely apologized. Just don’t.


These Ghostbusters are part of the Tennessee Ghostbusters group, who do volunteer work throughout the communities and have some amazing gear.


Ms. Frizzle is the best! Takes me back to 2nd grade, watching the shows and reading the books.


Oh, look, somehow a photo of me slipped in there! This is me doing my best kawaii/fairy kei style outfit. Though I’m thinking a Cheshire Cat set of ears and tail and then I’m really rocking out the full potential of the cosplay.


No Capes! I saw this adorable Edna Mode (from the Incredibles) and couldn’t keep from laughing as she gave me her most fierce look in this photo.


Mabel and Waddles = love


Doc Bolt as a steampunk Oregon Trail trekker..the whole thing included a rideable covered wagon!

Kylo Ren hanging out with BB8


Sorcerer Mickey for the win!


Wall-E and Eve…I’m realizing I took pics of all of the Disney cosplays I saw, pretty much.


The Akaicon lady..super sweet and such an awesome cosplay!


Black Panther…I loved him in Avengers Age of Ultron! I got a little exited to see him walking around.

img_3371One of the handful of Trekkies I saw. Such a rad Tricorder.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the little look into the convention halls (and courtyard) to see what amazing things are going on at GMX!




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