Nerdy Turning 30


You can’t be afraid to have fun sometimes…

So it has happened: my 30th birthday has come and gone. It was pretty cool, nothing too over the top. My day was a Friday off work with Loss and a few of my favorite things: a trip to a photo booth (a birthday tradition for us), a free Mellow Mushroom pizza, diving face first into a cake and spending my normal Friday morning WPRK radio block relaxing & nerding out with Orlando Tourism Report (thanks for the shout out, Ken!).  It was an awesome day that started a chill long weekend.

I’ve got a dinner in Orlando and a little party with my family later on this month that I’m looking forward to as well. In the end though, I’m the most excited to get to spend time with those I love.

Has 30 changed me? Not that I can tell, except for one a tweak to my life’s mission statement: I’m done worrying about what others think.

I’ve been feelin’ myself lately (it goes with “trying”, I hear)

This is showing in a few areas of my life and it’s pretty awesome.  I recently purchased my first bathing suit top that was neither a tankini or one piece and I feel amazing in it. I’m no skinny Minnie, that’s for sure, but I’ve got the confidence to rock this thing. We’re headed to the beach soon & there will be some pictures of it soon, don’t worry.


I’ve adopted #EverydayGlitter as a part of my routine. I realized throwing on a little glitter in my make up makes me happy, so why save it for special occasions? I’m bringing that stuff out everyday, if it’s even just for a little bit.

All the rainbows from Nashville Pride

Also letting my ally flag fly and being a little louder about it. I’m supporting and learning more everyday about the people who don’t subscribe to a black and white stance on sexuality and gender. It’s time to accept everyone has some good in them and they shouldn’t be judged and put down simply because they are different from ourselves or what we see as “normal”. I mean, what is normal anyway? Sounds pretty boring to me.

Why be boring?

These are not new concepts by any means, but it’s time to share them with no regrets and no worries. It is what it is and I’m on board to continue to grow and evolve a d become even more of the woman I’m meant to be when all is said and done. Got an issue with me? Check it at the door!




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