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Hi friends, how’s it going? Long time, no write, I know. I read about someone calling themselves a “lapsed blogger” and I totally can relate to that term.

But here we are and I just paid for another year of, so I figured we might as well put it to use. Since it’s been a while since I’ve written, it’s a good time to share what I’ve been nerding out over lately, especially over this long Labor Day weekend.



tokyo map small

I’ve mentioned it before on the blog & am excited to say we have started prepping and planning for the big trek in 2018.  Saving has not been a strong suit in the past year or so since getting married, but we recently started putting some money away with the motivation to make the bucket list trip happen before too long.  I’m still not honestly sure how we’re going to make the $4000 in airfare, but it’ll happen as long as we stay motivated.

After watching so many vlogs on youtube lately, I’m more  motivated than ever to see the big city of Tokyo and trek out to Osaka and Kyoto as well. As we look more into the adventure and planning, I’ll keep the blog updated. I’ve found lots of great information online and would love to make a series of posts on Japan to add my voice & experiences to the conversation.



Belle mug

Call me nerdy if it’s linked to my Japanese research, but lately tea is back in.  I’ve recently rediscovered the decaf lemon lift and it has been hitting the spot for that the comfortable feeling. It might be a subconscious longing for fall and that comfy feeling, but tea is good for you, so I’ll take it. Lots of it.



exped unknown
Image from

I didn’t mean to get hooked on the Travel Channel show, Expedition Unknown, but after catching a few episodes of the show at the in-laws house, I was so on board. Losson is convinced it’s solely because of host Josh Gates’ Chris Pratt like looks (yeah, he’s handsome, I won’t front) and his snarky comments that are intermittently thrown in, but the adventure also has pulled me in. I wouldn’t consider myself very interested in that world, but it’s just good. While looking for various legendary places and items, Josh makes me super nervous as he seemingly jumps into any random hole or pit in the ground that is on the path to (hopefully) find what he is looking for. I also have an immense respect for the crew that goes on the treks as well. I can’t even fathom it. But I love watching it. And you can too on Netflix & also a new season starting up soon on Travel Channel. If you have on demand included with your cable package, such as with Comcast, episodes from season two are currently available to be watched.

Take an adventure with Josh & crew while sitting on your couch- I highly suggest it!




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