Paring Down Life to Travel


I’ve been thinking and plotting and thinking about how much we could live without in our lives. We’ve got an awesome family and some amazing friends and have gotten to have some fun adventures. When Losson and I think about these things, we realize how much STUFF we have and we truly don’t need.

I’ve read (most of) the Kon Mari method of cleaning from “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo but had let the knowledge go in time.  Flipping through the stories on Instagram, I was reminded of the methods thanks to a rad lady I follow.

Losson and I live in a tiny apartment that is a little less than 500 square feet and we have so much stuff just thrown in. We’ve even got some things that are hanging out in boxes at our parents houses (don’t worry, there’s a section about that in the book!) for when we plan on moving at some time.

After reading more about the travel we are wanting to do, I’ve been seeing people writing and claiming it’s easy to save money for the flights, accommodations, food and all. Easily save up $4k-5k? Sure, let me just blink my eyes and it’ll happen. Then I look around and see all this STUFF. I’m thinking we could find some cash in what’s lying around and we’ll also be a little less stressed and more organized.

So, here it’s going to go…we’re going to try for a Kon Mari method house once again. I figure if we can get a good start on the clothes & then move along from there, so we’ll see…

Anybody else a fan of the Kon Mari method? Did it work for you?




3 thoughts on “Paring Down Life to Travel

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  1. I have bags and bags of things I need to donate and sell. I definitely look back at things I’ve bought and thought, “What was I thinking? That could have gone to X.”

    Are you going to post updates of your progress? I’d love to see how this works for you!


    1. Oh yeah..I’ve got a little bit of a list that I’ve kinda posted a few months back of stuff we get rid of…I’ll definitely do a bit more documenting this time around.


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