Day 5: Get Your Drink On

One of the best coffee cups ever

Take some time to get your drink on. No, I don’t mean go on a bender and throw back a whole bottle of your favorite liquor, but enjoy a drink (that whole bottle probably won’t leave you feeling much better or relaxed the next day anyways).

I don’t just mean an alcoholic drink either. By all means, if a cocktail or glass of wine makes you happy, go for it, but do just that- be happy.

Make or go buy a fancy coffee or tea that you love and is a treat. Combine some coffee with another relaxing task you love (for me, that’d be writing with my morning coffee). Maybe go buy some of those syrups they use to flavor the drinks at coffee shop or get creamer that is practically chocolate milk. Make it yummy and make it make you happy.

And don’t feel bad for doing that thing that brings you happiness- you can’t always do for others or deny yourself things you like. Trust me, you deserve it.


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