Day 12: Drink Water

The most simple self care task is drinking water.

I know, it sounds like we would know this and do it but sometimes drinking water tends to fall on the backburner with all the coffees, teas, juices and other things we have to enjoy when we are thirsty and need a pick me up.

As I’m sure you know, as humans, we are mostly water. If that doesn’t show how important the element is, nothing else will.   Instead of trying to convince you water is important, here’s some things it can do:

-it helps your body perform daily tasks in the way it was designed to

-it can fill you up between meals or help curb hunger

-it can help clear skin and keep your organs happier (I picture them smiling as you drink up)

Not a fan of water? Try throwing in some fruit…love me some lemon juice in it for sure.

So there ya go… You have any tips for drinking your water?



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