The Closet: Before

Do you ever look at your closet or dresser and just go “UGH!”? I’m there. We have a tiny apartment with very little storage and it’s almost driving me batty. It’s almost like every time I get it organized and set up, a few things wind up in the floor and it falls apart.

I know part of the process is getting rid of items and I’m working on it as we go. Of course, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

So, here I sit, working on going through everything in the closet, bit by bit and trying to get it to work…without getting overwhelmed.

Of course, that happens I have to step away for a bit. That being said, do you have any sort of advice on how to get things in order, keep them that way and not go crazy? I appreciate so much any advice!


3 thoughts on “The Closet: Before

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  1. Start sorting things into piles! Make 4 piles – 1. definitely keep 2. Sell 3. Throw away 4. Can’t decide immediately

    I also recommend clearing EVERYTHING out first so you can see the space you’re working with!


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