Hurricane Matthew from TN



So I’ve been a busy lady & it’s after 10 pm, aka after when I normally go to bed, but I’ve got to get these thoughts out…Hurricane Matthew has gotten me feeling super nervous.

Some of you might know that I’m a Tennessee resident & that’s where my sweet hubs & I live. I’ve never lived in Florida, but the idea of a huge storm down there is really getting to me. This is all (pretty much) due to twitter. I count myself as part of the Disney Twittersphere & have quite a few acquaintances & friends who are part of that community who actually live in central Florida.

So, cut to me being glued to the Weather Channel. I’ve been watching last night & tonight as well, crossing my fingers that atleast Orlando and the surrounding areas are spared & I don’t have to see my friends hurt or losing their homes or things with the massive waters.

It always trips me out to see places we have been or that we have atleast driven through going through a crazy event, but it’s started & everytime I hear Orlando, St. Augustine & a few more cities, it makes me just hope for the best & that everyone can stay safe.

Thanks for letting me get this out- I kinda needed it out of my head.






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